thread: Cold party foods

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    Cold party foods

    I'm having a party on the 22nd, a combined 30th and 1st for DS and me. It'll be at a park so we're taking the food with us, and I'm wanting easy finger foods for a light lunch, that I can make the day before/morning of.

    It's s pink and blue theme so I'll make pink and blue fairy bread, and I'm also thinking of fairy bread, quiche cupcakes, pizza bread, a platter with cold meats, cheese, kabana, tomatoes, eggs etc. But then I'm stuck!

    Any ideas you can throw my way?

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    Re: Cold party foods

    Little boys? (****tail Frankfurt) um...that's all I have...

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    Re: Cold party foods

    Cob loaf with spinach dip
    fruit platter
    zucchini slice

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    Re: Cold party foods

    BBQ chook cut up into manageable pieces?

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    Re: Cold party foods

    Turkish bread and dips, olives etc
    Stuffed peppers, stuffed capsicum
    Savoury muffins
    Pita wraps

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    Re: Cold party foods

    Bacon and eggs - large muffin tray, circle some streaky bacon around the side, crack an egg into it and then bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes. They come out as a perfect circle of bacon and eggs goodness and are delicious cold.

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    Cold party foods

    Watermelon and blueberry kebobs or fruit salad cups
    Bruschetta (make the mix the night before) and serve as you so so it doesn't get yucky
    Caprese bites - baby mozzarella, basil, baby Roma on a toothpick drizzled with balsamic and olive oil
    Wonton cups - I normally fill with chicken and avocado salad or Waldorf salad
    Pinwheel wraps
    Zucchini slice
    Any croissant casserole pudding can but cubed and put onto toothpicks with a half a strawberry or blueberry
    Mini pretzels for dipping with cheese sauce or ranch dressing

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    Re: Cold party foods

    Cups of popcorn for kids
    Pizza bread

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    Re: Cold party foods

    Thanks everyone! Great ideas here, now I just need to know how many are coming