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    I am organising food for a wake for my grandfather for saturday.

    It could be around 200 people, so we don't want everyone back at our house. We are doing it at the funeral so I am trying to keep it basic.

    A friend is setting up the tables, coffee, tea etc but my brain isn't functioning for food.

    I am thinking italian cakes and some pizzas which I can get others to pick up for us. Then I have a few bringing some cakes/biscuits etc.

    What else can we organise or provide? Heating space is limited.

    I was thinking some banana cakes, apricot balls?.....ah brain dead.

    Athen, after we will have about 20 back here, mainly close family. I was thinking BBQ and what else? What do I ask people to bring? Tbh I don't feel like having anyone but In our culture people will come..

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    Slices are generally well received. And will keep for a few days. Sandwiches etc. cold food is much easier to manage. Maybe scones or something?

    Sorry you are having to organise this when it sounds like you just want to grieve in private. Take care

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    I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    Most sushi places will organise a catering tray of cut up sushi which is popular, easy etc.
    And I'd do a big cheese platter (buy big chucks of cheese, put out a few knives, with a selection of crackers.

    I'd assume that people who bring things, will probably bring sweet stuff. So I would focus on providing savoury options.

    But don't stress too much about it - no one is going to complain about it! I think that food is just a reason to stay around and chat and remember and grieve together.

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    Sorry for your loss.

    I just attended a funeral this week for my husband's grandfather. The funeral parlour provided the catering. They had some two different slices (banana & chocolate), scones with jam & cream, biscuits (the arnotts mixed packs), and sandwiches for cold stuff and small meat pies & quiches that were warmed up. Plus tea, coffee, water & cordial. I would guess there were about 100 people there. There was heaps left over - most people didn't eat much even though it was lunch time.

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    The funeral parlour provided tea, coffee, sandwiches, biscuits and slices at my grandmothers funeral. Not sure how much it cost...

    I'd go for savoury options too - cheese and dip platter, cold meats/antipasto type stuff, sandwiches and wraps. Nothing too complicated to make or store. Many bakeries/delis do sandwich platters and even Woolies and Coles do antipasto platters. Just a note - no one ate anything cold after about 20 mins at my grandmothers funeral - think we were too worried about food poisoning from food out in the heat! Not sure if your guests will mind, but its a consideration...

    As for afterwards, as long as you have someone to cook the BBQ, why not? Big bowls of mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, fresh bread and butter and some prepared salads too if you like (potato, coleslaw etc). Even just tinned corn, beans, pineapple, beetroot in bowls. No one is expecting an elaborate feast, I'm sure.

    HTH. Sorry for your loss x

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    Just choose say 2 sweet and 2 savoury thing and make plenty of them. You don't need endless variety.

    Scones with jam and cream? Slice? Biscuits? Sushi platter (provided you can keep it cool right until serving), wraps/sandwiches? Don't have anything that needs heating.

    Why not just get the pizzas at your place? Heaps cheaper (smaller group) and means you don't have to cater. Of if you do, perhaps burgers (buy the patties) - just need bread rolls, sauce, cheese, salad stuff and meat.

    I hope it's a lovely farewell xo

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