thread: Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party food....

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    Jan 2007

    Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party food....

    Me again!

    Am so flat out right now, I am beside myself and all of a sudden DS' party is tomorrow and I've done no planning.

    Any ideas for pirate party food(easy please! ) would be awesome!!!!

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    Oct 2010
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    Jelly boats! Take a look on kidspot they have great ideas.
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    A crocodile cake? Or maybe some cupcakes with clocks on them?

    I think any (and lots) of food on a table - think the scene in Hook when he suddenly remembers who he is.

    I always make mini sausage rolls, little pinwheel pizzas and little mini burgers. I try to provide something savoury.

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    Nov 2006
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    I think you can get fish shaped fish fingers or potato thingys. I know, not much help, but if you're at thw supermarket tomorrow morning, look in the freezer.

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    Jan 2007

    Thanks!!! Netix I know the ones - will get DH to pick some up! Am making a pirate ship cake, and a big watermelon cut like a treasure chest with fruit salad in it!! All the other stuff will just be regular food With all else I have going on right now that will be enough I think!

    Those jelly boats look cool but am wrecked from doing stuff today and am waiting for one cake to cook so I can go to bed!! Thanks ya'll = appreciate it and I know DS will have a blast!!

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    I know it's late where you are Tan, but I've been thinking about this all day.
    What about those little meatballs you can get at Woolies and call them cannon balls?
    Tic toc bickies?

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    Jan 2007

    Oooh great idea Kim - DH has to pop out tomorrow will get him to get some for sure - the Tic Tocs will definitiely be a winner!! Talk about obscure theme - so funny though, he wanted to dress up as Peter Pan from the mini movie of Jake that came out a few weeks ago rather than Jake thank goodness or else I would be sewing right now instead of drinking cider while I wait for my cakes to cook haha!