i just thought i would share this recipe as it is always sooooo good.

need: 250gr philly cheese
250gr grated cheese
250ml cream
1/2 onion diced
2 rashers bacon diced
1 cob loaf

preheat oven 180C
in a large microwave bowl zap the philly cheese for 1min on high. mix in cheese and cream and microwave in 1min bursts until the cheese is all melted stirring after each minute. mix in diced onion and diced bacon and zap for another min.

cut the top off the cob loaf and scoop out the insides. put the insides on another tray. pour the mixture into the loaf, put the lid back on and wrap in alfoil. bake for 20min. for the last 10min put the other tray with the insides of the loaf in.