thread: Simple, yummy, easily-transported finger food recipes puh-leeeez :D

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    Simple, yummy, easily-transported finger food recipes puh-leeeez :D

    The time has come for me to figure out what I'm going to serve people at Amelia's birthday party. It's being held at a park (oh, no sorry, a playspace ) so it'll all have to be finger food that doesn't need to be hot to eat. My cousin had her son's first birthday at a park and did hot food, but they live right around the corner from there so she just ducked home to grab it all... I'm not so lucky. So ease of transportation is a factor.

    I'm probably going to order a deli platter from Costco, but that's about all the help I'm going to get from outside sources. Too expensive otherwise - which brings me to my next stipulation. I'm expecting to not have much money, considering I only have one payday left before the party and I still haven't bought her a present, so the food needs to be pretty cheap to make, as well as being yummy.

    I'm planning on cake pops made with the leftover cake (thank you very much, depths of BB's archives, for that idea!), and a few other sweets, but I'm really stuck on savouries.

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    Zuchini slice or fritata
    Cold bbq chicken pieces
    Beef or chicken satay sticks (a friend had a picnic bday party on the weekend and had some - they were served cold and were still really yummy)
    A couple of salads

    I think the taste website may have a picnic food section that would have some ideas.

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    Fruit skewers (think watermelon, grapes and rock melon placed on a skewer...they look fancy and everyone loves them...and it's cheap!)
    Homemade hommus or avocado dip dips and Turkish bread (should be cheap if you make your own and get a big Turkish bread and cut into pieces)
    Zucchini slice cut into bite sized pieces (should be cheap....just a carrot a zucchini an onion, some corn and six eggs and a bit of flour, I leave out bacon so it's vegetarian)
    Little pastry cases or mini toasts (from the supermarket) and top with an avocado and tomato salsa. So tasty!

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    Dec 2006

    I love little sandwiches and so do my kids. White bread (yummo) no crusts (it's a party, after all) with anything like lettuce, cream cheese, chicken etc. They can be out of the fridge for about 4 hours.

    Pita pockets or similar baked in the oven and made into crackers. Can serve with hummous or similar. Actually, you can do carrot sticks and celery too.

    Freeze bottles of water, so that can be in with the food, just in case you get a scorcher.

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    little quiches - all you need is pastry, some eggs, bacon and cheese. (o whatever else you wanna put in them!) Scrumptious cold!

    Sausage rolls - also yummy cold

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    Wonton cases baked in mini muffin tins. Make a batch of shredded chicken, avocado, spring onion and seeded diced tomato and seasoning, a squeeze of lemon to protect the avo. Put it in a container and when you get to your destination assemble. Same can be done with bruschetta mix and caprese stacks.

    Also half pitted dates with Camembert or Brie wedge is amazing.

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    Pin wheels
    Fairy bread
    Cheese dip and biscuits
    Chicken wings/drumsticks
    Sausage rolls
    Meat balls