thread: Broccoli ravioli

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    Broccoli ravioli

    I've been making fresh pasta lately and we're loving it. I've also been making sauces with lots of herbs from our garden.

    Our broccoli is now ready to harvest and I'd love to try to make a ravioli with some kind of broccoli filling. I thought that perhaps a sort of creamy broccoli center would be yum.

    Does anyone have any kind of recipe like that? I'm not sure what sort of sauce would go with it either...

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    Nov 2004

    I don't have a recipe but would go with a cream based sauce and maybe a cheese and broccoli filling?

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    Mar 2011

    Gosh! I don't know how to make it, but being in my 2nd trimester, I saw your subject line and went "yum"!!

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    Sounds yum, i make fresh pasta all the time but havent actually filled any with broccoli - we usually add it in with the sauce. i wouls aslo think a cream based sauce would be nice. You could do a blue cheese sauce. Maybe a chicken and broccoli filling? or bacon and broccoli. I'm getting hungry reading this lol

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    Jan 2005

    I dont like cheese sauces but I think a broccoli and ricotta filling with a tomato based sauce would still be yum

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    Mar 2007

    omg I have no idea but I'm so hungry now!!

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    Lol, I'm glad I made so many of you hungry

    I didn't end up finding a recipe, but I just cut up my broccoli, put some thickened cream on the stove and reduced it a little, then added some grated cheese (coon because it's what we had in the house ), then added the broccoli and stirred it in. I made the pasta while I waited for it to cool and thicken. Then put little scoops in the pasta and closed it over and then made them a bit like tortellini.

    DH isn't a fan of pasta without meat (lol), but he enjoyed this with just parmesan cheese over it