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    fried rice

    hi looking for a fried rice recipe something thats easy to follow im really not that good in the kitchen.

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    we basically cook the rice in the rice cooker, then fry up some bacon and onion in the wok, thrown in whatever veg we have in the house and stir fry quickly, chuck in some sauce, then start mixing in the rice a little at a time til we get it the way we want! i don't know anyone who uses a recipe for fried rice, just chucks everything in - we use soy sauce, but others may use different sauces

    vegie wise, we add capsicum (usually 3 colors), carrot, peas, corn, bea shoots (if i can find them in the shops at the time) - some people add mushies and things too.

    if we're making it as a main or want something different, we might fry up some chicken in the wok before we add the bacon and onion....

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    Best trick I learnt for fried rice, cook the rice then put in a warm oven on trays for 20 minutes or so, turning every 5 minutes. This stops it going gluggy

    Lightly beat an egg, pour pancake style into fry pan with some salt and pepper, cook both sides for a minute or two then roll up and slice.

    Fry bacon, onion

    Put rice into wok, fry off for a few minutes in a tsp of oil, add sliced egg, add bacon and onion and whatever else you want, peeled baby prawns, champignons, capsicum, peas etc. Stir til heated through then pour over 2 tsp of soy sauce, mix through - YUMMY!!!!

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    Hmm.. I just made fried rice for dinner. I fried a diced onion and 3 pieces of bacon (diced), when they were almost browned I added 1 cup of frozen veg and put a lid on until they cooked. Added 2 cups of cooked brown rice, mixed it all together and pushed it to one side. Then put an egg in there for 30 secs before mixing it with all the rice. Add a few tbs DIY sauce and it's ready!

    It was quick and very easy!

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    i do it a bit differently....
    I cook my rice a few hours before hand and put it in the fridge uncovered to dry out (stops gluggyness lol). use brown or white rice, whatever we have in the pantry that day.

    then i fry off one at a time, chorizo, capsicum, baby corn, mushrooms, peas, onion and cook egg just like scrambled eggs (someone else mentioned how to above). I don't use any oil as if you cook the chorizo first, the fat from that will provide enough for the rest of the veg. I wash the pan before doing the eggs. I generally use whatever vegies need to be used that night.

    I throw all the vegies into the fried rice (Leaving the egg til last) and use a fork to scrape them through. I add lots and lots and lots of yummy sweet soy sauce (but do it to your taste), then add the cut up egg last (so it doesn't all break up and disappear).

    Then i cover and pop it in a hot oven to warm through...

    cook some steak or chops and serve . ... and you have a fantastic yummy easy meal that is also great as left overs.

    my mum likes to uncover the rice for the last 5/10 mins so all the top goes crispy, which she loves.

    I find this recipe good because you can do it all in stages... the rice can be done the night before... all the veg can be fried off and put aside... and it can be made fully and put in the fridge til you are ready to warm it and serve.

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    Cos hubby works nights we have our main meal for lunch, if there's not enough leftovers for my dinner I whip up a very basic but very yummy fried rice.

    1 cup rice, cooked
    1 cup frozen peas
    2 cloves garlic, minced
    1 tsp minced ginger
    1 egg
    4 tbsp soy sauce
    2 tbsp kecap manis

    Sauté garlic and ginger for a minute or so in a little oil. Add egg, cook until about half set. Add rice and peas, cook, stirring, until peas are hot. Add sauces, stir through, and season to taste.

    It's so super easy, quick and tasty of course you could add all kinds of veggies, meats etc whatever's in the fridge

    Excuse my sucky spelling, I'm on my iPhone

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    Re: fried rice

    This fried rice recepi is awesome more than than I am enjoying being here. Because I am getting so many ideas for one single dish so Its really amazing!