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    Smile Roasted Vegetable Spirals - Easy

    Okay, so this is a recipe off the back of a packet of Coles' pasta, but it looked delicious, and after making it, have to share it with everyone! It is (almost) enough to curb my salty lunch cravings, and I have got eight portions from it to put into the freezer (in takeaway containers). It defrosts nicely in the fridge overnight, for a couple of minutes in the microwave, to be nicely warmed through (stirring of course). Great for taking to work for lunch, and it won't stink you out of the office kitchen! Or would make a tasty vege side dish for a bbq or picnic. And to top it off, it is SO easy! I had a hard time not eating the vegetables as soon as they were roasted though... I had a whole lot of things cooking at the same time, so everything was only just warm by the time it was all mixed together.

    Roasted Vegetable Spirals Serves 4-6.

    2 small-medium (500g total) sweet potatoes, peeled, cut into small cubes
    1 large red onion, peeled, cut into thin wedges
    1 large zucchini, thickly sliced and quartered
    1 tblsp olive oil (I used a little bit more)
    500g packet spiral pasta
    350g jar tomato and chargrilled vegetable stir thru sauce (that's what the recipe says, I just used half a 700mL bottle of chunky tomato and herb sauce, safeway's homebrand actually, and it was great)
    200g greek style feta, crumbled (dunno if mine was "Greek", but I had about 240g)

    Preheat oven to 200C fan forced. Combine sweet potato, onion, zucchini and oil in large bowl (or just straight into an oven dish, save on dishes!), season with salt and pepper, then arrange on a lined oven tray (or leave it in the first dish). Roast for 20 minutes or until golden (I did mine longer).
    Cook pasta according to directions until al dente.
    Toss sauce with pasta (drained), vegetables and feta.

    I would like to add this is the first time I have bought feta cheese. I often have it on Greek salads out and about, but have never bought it on its own.

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    Yum! That sounds so good!!!! Thanks for sharing.

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    Mmmm sounds delicious, when my oven gets fixed (hopefully soon) i'll have to give it a go.

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    You could probably 'roast' in a heavy casserole dish over low heat on the stove. Maybe? Hope your oven gets fixed really soon!

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    That sounds yum!

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    Yum might give this a crack. Thanks for sharing.

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    I am going to make this tonight! Thanks!