thread: Ethical Pet Shops

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    For my local area Tamworth NSW you could add

    Pet goods direct
    Tamworth Dog & Cat Refuge - adopt a cat or dog into your family. We rescue unwanted, sick and injured dogs and cats and finding loving homes for them. <- tamworth dog and cat refuge run by a wonderful caring lady named Jean.

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    Great thread!
    Just wanted to add that if you are after a specific breed but don't have the $$ for a puppy from a reputable breeder, it's still worth checking the breed clubs and local registered breeders in your state. They will be able to point you in the direction of specific rescue programs (such as the Jack Russel and Greyhound ones that have been mentioned - these organisations exist for most breeds) and/or might have an ex-show dog needing to be rehomed. Much cheaper, but you're doing a good deed and likely getting a dog with fewer health issues. Plus you get to know a reputable breeder and have a new support network with a wealth of breed-specific information

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    If this thread stretches to rabbits, the Pet Barn in Plenty Valley Victoria sells rabbits from a rabbit orphanage/shelter called Rabbit Run-Away. I just went there to check out prices on hutches and very nearly asked if I could adopt a gooorgeous little dwarf lop.

    I've checked out the RRA website too, and have sent an application in to adopt from there. None of the breeders in my area are getting back to me about babies, and I'm thinking it might be fate that I've discovered the orphanage instead

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    that orphanage is right near my house Teni! They are lovely and have some gorgeous bunnies. they have a fb page too that you can check out.

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    That's a fabulous idea Teni. There are so many animals who need love. You can also search for bunnies on Pet Rescue Australia.

    On another note, there's a pet shop at Chirnside Park in Vic that sells puppies. Makes me sick every time I walk past it.

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    have you seen the one at knox L & B? last time i went past they had 4 huge huskies in their glass box- with no water as well. sickening.