thread: Rescue Pets - a wonderful, loving addition

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    Smile Rescue Pets - a wonderful, loving addition

    We recently adopted a rescue dog whom we love to bits. He's an Australian Cattle Dog X. Normally, we wouldn't look at a working breed, but given he's kind of lazy, we are a good home for him. He still gets 1-3 hours of walk a day, cuddles and playtime and then sleeps the rest of the time.

    I found him through the Pet Rescue Austrlia website/app. They coordinate postings of available pets from a number of organisations. We adopted through Australian Working Dog Rescue.

    I took some convincing to consider a rescue pet. I always thought it's better to buy a dog from a registered breeder so you can know about health and personality issues. After all, rescue dogs must have all sorts of problems, otherwise why would no one want them? However, DH was adamant that, with so many animals needing loving homes, that he wanted a rescue dog. I eventually came around to the idea and then became almost fanatical

    Our boy was surrendered to a pound in Canberra and had 8 days before being euthanised. He was left in the overnight cage, so at least we wasnt just dumped on the side of the road. The pound contacted AWDRI who arranged to transport him to available foster carer in Victoria. He spent about 4 weeks in foster care before we took him for a trial adoption. The process was we filled in an application form, had two phone interviews and someone came out to inspect our backyard. We then picked him up. After an initial shock of bringing a new soul into our house, he's fitted in well. After the two week trial, there was no way we were giving him back.

    He does have separation anxiety, which we are working on. We're working with a dog behaviouralist on this as well as general obedience (VicDog - I highly recommend). He's a gorgeous sook who wasn't socialised well as a pup. But since his rescue from the pound, he's learnt what playing in the big world is like, he loves playing with other dogs, he's learnt to play with toys, he responds well to people. He may never fully overcome the separation issues, but in less than four weeks since we adopted him, he's flourished. He's certainly not as timid as he was. He now prances as he walks, tail wagging high in the air. We'll continue working on providing him with strong leadership and helping him with his separation anxiety.

    I figure all animals need work of some sort. After all, animals aren't toys, they have their own personalities and quirks. He's less work than a puppy would be. Our boy has a loving nature, is eager to please and responds quickly to training.

    When looking for a new pet, I highly recommend that people seriously consider a rescue animal. Our beautiful doggie is part of our family and I couldn't imagine life without him.

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    So awesome darl!! I hope to meet him soon

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    Pet Rescue is great. We were looking to get a pup through them, and that is how we stumbled onto our Bella. The rescue place that had her, had brought her back from the brink of death. She was dumped on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

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    We got our cat from the RSPCA and our dog came from the pound. They are both wonderful pets.
    The pounds and rescue organisations of Australia are bursting at the seams with wonderful animals who can't find a home, through no fault of their own. Even if you want a certain breed if you are prepared to be patient you will probably be able to get a purebred.

    Call me a freak, but I don't like puppies and kittens, so rescue is perfect for me because I can get a pre-loved animal who won't put me through all the crazy baby animal hi-jinks.

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    Oh that's a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

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    how lovely, that you have given what sounds like a wonderful dog a second chance - well done.
    Pet rescue is a great site, and supports some wonderful rescue organisations that aren't hell bent on profit and do it for the animals.
    I am involved in breed specific rescue of my own breed, and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly and easily they will adapt and give love to someone willing to give them a chance, no matter how they've been treated in the past.

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    Thats beautiful, our big girl Cassie (border collie x kelpie) is a dog rescued from someone who had her in a tiny little unit yard only big enough for 1 chair & a small table, the owner left her for a week with a friend supposedly bringing her food, the friend didn't though and she was a mess
    She is an amazing dog and at the start was very strange with men but now she never has an issue, is a wonderful part of our family and is so protective of our girls.

    I agree, there are so many loving pets out there to be homed... give them a second chance

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    That's wonderful to hear he's settling in well! His personality will really start to shine as he becomes even more comfortable and confident with his new family

    We have always had pound/rescue dogs since I was a child, and that carries through to now. I'm a huge foster failure though - my last foster is, well, ummm still here almost a year after he arrived DH has banned me from fostering any more animals!

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    Maybe we should start a Pet Parade thread, but here's some photos of our furbaby:

    The dog who didnt know what toys were.jpg

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    Maybe we should start a Pet Parade thread, but here's some photos of our furbaby:

    The dog who didnt know what toys were.jpg
    darnit I can't see any posted photos yet... one of these days maybe!
    discovering the pets discussion area has certainly allowed me to post more and up my post count

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    That's just beautiful.

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    We have a rescued Greyhound from the Greyhound Adoption Program and he is just awesome! Rescued dogs make great pets!

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    Maybe we should start a Pet Parade thread, but here's some photos of our furbaby:

    The dog who didnt know what toys were.jpg
    He doesn't look spoilt at all

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    He is gorgeous!

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    Very cute enjoy him.

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    He is gorgeous

    My cat came from the RSPCA and my dog from - she was rescued from a drug dealer apparently. She doesn't like strangers and is a bit anxious, but she is a wonderful dog. And so good with our kids!

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    Wonderful story! We have a lovely dog we rescued from RSPCA in 2003. She came out of her shell after some love and has been a lovely girl. She now has lymphoma and after one huge op it has come back. She is still full of life but her tumours are getting worse and the vet thinks another op would be too much and wouldn't cure it anyway. So we are making her life as comfy as possible and I am so glad we have given her the last 9 years of life in our family.

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    All of my pets as an adult, except the chickens, are rescues. Our two dogs came from Jack Russell Rescue, because DP was adamant he wanted a JR and I was adamant we were getting a rescue dog.

    Our beautiful Charlie was surrender to the pound at 12 mths because he had fleas. Apparently, bathing him in lavender soap hadn't gotten rid of them and because he's allergic to flea bite, he had lost a bit of fur. Seriously, that was the reason he was dumped. He is the most loving and gentle dog you could ever hope to have. He has heaps of energy down at the park and to play with the kids (or chase cats...), but is quiet and settled most os the time. He is the only dog I've ever met that can genuinely be trusted around babies and littlies. If he's bothered, he just leaves the room and hides. He has had his ears brushed and put in hair bands by toddlers, I supervise to make sure the kids are behaving, not the dog!

    Our second JR Georgie who died of snake bite in our yard last year was also a rescue at three. She had more issues though, had been over-bred and not taken care of. She was recovering from illness and was deaf due to mistreatment or lack of medical attention. She had some behavioral issues that we worked around as well. She was a wonderful fit for our family because we could manage all of her quirks. We miss her still, she had a heart of gold and literally died for us. No other dog could love us as much as she did.

    Two families that are friends of ours recently adopted young Labradors through Labrador Rescue too. One of them is Charlie's new favourite playmate down at the park.