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Thread: Breastfeeding and missing minipill

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    Wink Breastfeeding and missing minipill

    Well, I'm tipping I musn't be ovulating, since I often and irregularly miss taking my minipill, or take it way later than the 'scheduled' time...and have not had AF since 2005, when I conceived DS.
    Anyone else in this situation? My doctor was almost aghast and surprised that we hadn't had 'an accident' until I pointed out that I am still demand feeding a booby-loving 15 month old.
    I'm not fussed about an 'accident', as we have decided to roll with that punch, should it come our way, but I don't feel that I'm ovulating anyway. I was never really in touch with my cycle before, and I don't get moody and 'typically' PMS-y ordinarily.
    Anyway, just thought I'd try to elicit some responses from other 'extended' breastfeeders
    I'm not really keen on the idea of the IUD, the implant or the full pill.

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    Lucky you! The chances are if you don't have AF that you are not ovulating. The risk is that you can ovulate in the cycle before you have AF, but this isn't always the case, AF can come first too. I demand fed both boys, Jack slept through the night from 6 weeks and AF returned when he was 7 months. Tom still mostly feeds during the night and AF returned when he was 6 months. I think I am just unlucky, although having said that I was happy to get AF back after Jack as we wanted to TTC.

    You could go another year until ovulating, or it could happen this cycle. It's pretty unpredictable. The question is really, what would happen if you fell pg. If it would be a disaster, you probably need to look at a more reliable method of BC, or find a way to ensure you don't miss a mini-pill. Unfortunately as you know, options while bfing are limited, but there are options. If you and DH are ok with another pg, then I wouldn't worry, maybe stop taking the mini-pill altogether as you are probably wasting money if you're not taking it regularly anyway. Best of luck with it all - and enjoy your AF time - I'm jealous!!

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