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Thread: Can anyone tell me about the mini-pill?

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    Question Can anyone tell me about the mini-pill?

    So am thinking of going on this. Have had a script for this for 7 weeks but dont want to fill it until i know more..

    So my questions are:

    1. How effective is it and what do i have to do to make sure its as effective as possible?

    2. I havent had a period yet so will taking it bring my periods back?

    3. Has anyone on here gotten UTD whilst taking it?


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    I used it after having my bub. I found it to be very good. No bad symptoms at all.

    You are meant to take it at the same time every day to make it work best. I read somewhere that around the time you take it is when it's at it's least effective so try not to take it at bedtime if that's when you are likely to DTD - do your pill taking earlier in the day.

    I had already had my AF when I went on it so I can't answer the question about it bringing back your period. I do know though that some women don't get their AF at all whilst on the minipill. My cycle was exactly as it was before I got pregnant whilst I was on it.

    I used it for around 8 months & did not fall pregnant during that time. I'm only off it now because I don't currently require contraception.

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