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Thread: Diane-35 and Hirsutism

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    Hey everyone,
    Five months ago I went to my doctor after not being able to deal with feeling like a gorilla turned human and got the pill Diane-35. Even after reading through the numerous and serious side effects I had decided that taking this pill (assuming it dealt with the excess hair growth) would be well worth it for me.

    I was wondering if anyone here is also on this pill or anything similar for the treatment of hirsutism?
    How long did it take to come into effect and what happened when it did?

    It's been five months now for me and everything still feels and looks the same. I'm starting to feel really deflated by the lack of results however I have heard it can take 6 months to start working.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who replies, it's very much appreciated

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    Hi Vivica! Welcome to BB

    I have no experience with the Pill, but regarding the hirsutism - have you been tested for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? One of the symptoms is hirsutism, but it can cause other things like Type 2 Diabetes, infertility, heart disease, etc. If it is PCOS, maybe Metformin could be better for the hirsutism. I have PCOS myself, and use a hair removal cream about every 3 weeks for my rad mo and beard, so I have an idea where you're coming from!

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    thank you so much for the welcome and reply

    I haven't been tested for PCOS like you had mentioned. I don't have any of the symptoms which I am guessing is the reason why my doctor never figured to test me before prescribing me my current pill? Now that it has been mentioned though I feel like I should ask about being tested for it just in case anyway.

    And don't worry, I have some fantastic facial hair as well! haha. All the creams and wax and bleaches are starting to get to me though, not to mention our poor skin underneath it all

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    Pills have never helped my hair. Lazers have, pills haven't. I was refused PCOS testing because I wasn't TTC when I asked my doctor about it. Clearly that's the only reason why you'd bother testing .

    But I have just plucked my face to managable levels after my mother-in-law confused me with my bearded husband in a photo.

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    Butter, what pill(s) did you try and for how long each?
    I have read it can take quite a while which is pretty much the only reason why I've continued with mine so far.

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    Eugh - it was a while ago! I've tried two combined pills and a mini-pill, both for over a year. Have no idea as to the names though, sorry. They were technically for contraception, as I can't get a doctor here to prescribe things for making my life better (ie less hair and a less masculine figure), just for making theirs easier.

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