thread: Do you get your period while on the mini pill?

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    Nov 2008

    Do you get your period while on the mini pill?

    Just a quick one... I'm wondering if you're meant to get your period while on the mini-pill? I've heard mixed things and am unsure. My DS is nearly 9 months, he's still breastfed, and I'm yet to get AF back... Just wondering if I'm not getting it because of the mini-pill or if it is because I'm breastfeeding?


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    I BF DS2 and went on the mini-pill after the 6wk check. I got AF in the first month of taking it and regularly every month. It could be just me, interesting to here other people's experiences.
    With DD I have a Mirena in and I am still getting AF, so perhaps getting AF while BF and using a mini pill type contraceptive is just my body?
    It may also depend on the brand of mini pill

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    I was just wondering the same thing. I'd just started to take the mini pill a week and a bit ago and i think i'm the opposite and getting AF (getting some spotting and little bit of cramping over the last few days).

    I was more wondering if its causing me to get them, as last time when BF my 1st son i managed to last 9months (our BF'ing eased alot here as I was getting ready to return to work) before the return of AF and it was nice not to have it. I'd rather not take it if it has made me get them (its been nice not to the pain and bother for the last 2.5 years).

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    With my first I went onto the mini pill after 6 weeks. I stayed on it till 10 months as we wanted to start TTC. I did not get AF back till 17 months, DD1 was a very frequent breastfeeder. I do remember getting a kind of AF when I first started on it, but nothing after that.

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    I think everyone deals with it differently.
    With DD I took it after the 6 week check and I just bled brown blood constantly. It never stopped. I dealt with it for six weeks and then stopped taking it. It was awful. I then went on the depo and found the same with that - but it is essentially the same drug anyway.

    Considering I didn't get AF back for 10months with DS I'm pretty sure the mini pill caused it.

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    I' the same hun, DD is 8m, i've been on mini pill since 6wks, and no periods in sight

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    Jun 2005

    i never got AF whilst on mini pill..... managed to conceive DD#2 and DD#3 whilst on it too....

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    Nov 2008

    Thanks for the replies ladies.

    I also had a lot of spotting for a good four or five weeks when I first started taking it (about 6 weeks after having DS), but haven't had anything since.

    Wow Mbear, can't believe you didn't get an AF while on it but still managed to conceive, twice!

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    I stopped taking the mini-pill about two months ago and I still haven't had AF. Had a couple of days spotting at week 7 after DS's birth but nothing since. DS is 18 months old and still breast feeds through the night and non-stop all weekend (well, it feels like it! )

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    Jan 2010

    As old thread but I was coming to ask the same thing. With DD1 I was on the mini pill and didn't get AF until I went back on the regular one. I'm on it again and still yet to see AF (still BF too though).

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    i got AF on average every 12 days while on the minipill. And it went for 2 days up to 8 days each time. it sucked

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    Jun 2013

    I waited until I got my bleed back (13mths PP) before going on the mini pill. I was on it for more than a year and yes, had regular monthly bleeds. I suspect waiting until my cycle had reestablished helped out on that front, but I do hear many mixed results in terms of women bleeding while on it or not.

    I was getting my bleed every 21 days though, which sucked. But I don't know if that was due to the mini pill or a new cycle length for me due to being post partum?