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Thread: Does your weight affect the effectiveness of the Pill?

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    Default Does your weight affect the effectiveness of the Pill?


    I was put on the Pill for period regulation and I'm wanting to use it as a contraception method as well. (I've only just started the pill 3 days I don't even know if it's suited to me yet).

    I'm overweight (BMI ~27) and I'm on Yasmin which is counted as a low-dose pill.

    I was wondering if your weight could contribute to how well the pill works?
    Would a bigger dosage be better?
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    Great question! I am quite heavy & tall as well and always found a low-dose pill (microgynon 20) to be the most effective and also fewest side effects. I have *never* heard of anyone having a higher dose pill recommended due to weight issues.

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