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Thread: mini pill and cycles questions

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    Default mini pill and cycles questions

    Ive been taking the mini pill for about a year now.

    Af returned in july, and that was epic, it lasted 15 days

    Since then I seem to bleed every 2wks, for about 2 days. This has now happened 3 times, with the third having just ended.

    Im tired of it. I do plan on seeing my gp, but at the same time Im kinda holding off in hope everything swings back to normal sooner rather than later.

    Has anyone else experienced similar? Anyone know if its 'normal'? And really if it were you what would you do? (dd3 is 18mths, still bfed as well)


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    Yep, this is similar to what happened to me. I was bleeding every two weeks but bleeding sometimes went for 8 days other times just 3 days. The start of the bleed was also getting closer and closer, so i was bleeding more days than i was not.

    I was well sick of it, and got a script for an alternative minpill, but when i looked at the ingredients they were pretty similar so i hadn't filled the script yet. I was looking into other contraceptive options - and then i got pregnant (while tandem feeding and continuing the minipill). I don't know if the bleeding made the minipill less effective, or if i am just a super ovulator, but i won't be taking it next time and will look for something else.

    My GP was very unhelpful so i don't have any medical info on what effect frequent bleeding has. I also found little info online other than change contraceptives if it is annoying you, but did not expect pregnancy.


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