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Thread: MiniPill question (TMI)

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    Exclamation MiniPill question (TMI)

    I'm not sure if anyone can help me here but thought I would post and perhaps get some thoughts back.
    DS is 21 months old and I've been on the mini pill since he was 2 months old. I am still breastfeeding him 2-3 a day and still taking the mini pill now. I got my first period the end of September (this year) and it lasted for 2 days and was more like spotting then a period so I assumed it was the dreaded breakthrough bleeding every mentions.
    Then I got my period again the end of October and it lasted about a week, was fairly heavy, and was more like the periods I had when I wasn't on the pill at all.
    Now I'm having ANOTHER period (only 11 or so days after the other one stopped) and this one seems lighter then what would be normal for me.
    I saw my GP this morning as we were already there for DS as it turns out he has a double ear infection. She ran a pregnancy test which was negative and advised me to come back in 2 weeks time for a Pap Test - so I have scheduled that appointment.
    She says most likely it is the hormones in the pill affecting me and not to worry and amazingly enough I'm not worried - just wondering if anyone else has had this happen?
    DH and I were planning on trying for bub #2 in March or April next year anyway so I'm on my last 4 months of the mini pill but I sure hope that doesn't mean period problems for 4 months!
    Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated!

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    Heidi - I had periods very similar to what you`ve described but it was when my body was trying to get use to the mini pill.

    I started the mini pill when Adrian was 7 months old (AF had been arriving since 4 months post birth), when I first started I went 6 weeks before AF arrived, this lasted 10 days and was very very heavy, I then had a 10 day break before AF arrived back, this time she lasted 7 days - I went to my Dr as I was worried that the pill was mucking me around too much, after my GP talking to an OB he sent me for a scan just to make sure I didn`t have anything retained from birth (I didn`t think I would as I had a D & C 6 days post birth) anyway the scan was fine, the Dr gave me a few options, including a few different contraceptive methods, I really didn`t like the sound of any of them so I thought oh well I`ll give my body time and hopefully it`ll sort itself out.

    After all this I have since had AF arrive every 4 - 6 weeks, most will last 7 days, last one lasted the 10 days again.

    So after all this my thoughts are the same as your Dr it`s the hormones in the mini pill mucking around with your cycles, hugs to you, it`s not nice bleeding so often. I`m looking forward to the day when DH has the snip, it will make life so much easier!!!

    Hugs to you Heidi

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