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Thread: Missed period on the pill

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    Default Missed period on the pill

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm on Marvelon 28 to treat Endometriosis. Only started taking it last month. I'm on the last sugar pill at the moment yet i've had no period. I've been having period like cramps, but no bleeding. Do I just start taking the active tablet from the new pack tomorrow when it is scheduled, or should I wait for my period to start. I'm not actively TTC, obviously, but DP and I are only using the pill as a contraceptive. I'm pretty sure i'm not pregnant. Any thoughts? Has this happened to anyone else on the pill? I'll be checking with my doc hopefully this arvo... its becoming frustrating!!

    D :-)

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    it is possible to miss a period on the pill and not be pregnant, but its not the kind of stress enayone needs - just book in to see you GP and get it checked out.

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    Thanks for your reply rayray. Spoke to my specialist who said to just continue on with the next pack. Still haven't got my period yet. I was going to use the pill continuously for two months at a time, and wanted to have a withdrawal bleed this month to avoid getting spotting over the xmas period, with everything I have coming up over this time. I know they say that if you don't get a bleed while on the sugar pills, that you'll most likely get spotting on the next pack.

    Its just really frustrating. I'm using the pill to treat endo and just want my body to behave itself, but it seems that my body has no idea whats going on!! I haven't had any spotting, and the only other time that has happened is when I fell pregnant, so it's kinda doing my head in

    Thanks again rayray,

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