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Thread: No period while on mini pill

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    Default No period while on mini pill

    Ok stressing a bit here. Ever since I have been taking the mini pill I haven't had a period and I just read the packet and it says that in RARE cases women don't get a period but you should have one after 6 weeks and if you don't get one go see a doctor and basicly rule out pregnancy. I was breast feeding but have now stoppped I haven't done a full days feed in probably 3 weeks should my period have returned?

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    i am on the mini pill too my DS is 7 months old and i have not AF since he was born and am BF. Sorry no advice but will be interested to hear what others say. I;m not too concerned as one of my friends took nearl 8 months to get a cycl after her DS was born and her DS self weaned at 4.5months

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    I thought it was the other way around, in that it was rare for you to get a period whilst on the mini pill?
    Could you maybe go to your gp and ask for their advice?
    Sorry, I've probably confused you even more now!

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    I never got my period whilst on the mini pill, i was bfeeding until about 1 month before i went off it. it came back when i went off the pill and DS was weaned, at around about 12 months. i was told this was not something to worry about.

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