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Thread: Oh-oh late taking mini pill, still breastfeeding

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    Default Oh-oh late taking mini pill, still breastfeeding

    Looking for a bit of advice...
    Yesterday (Sunday) I was 5 hours late taking my mini pill (took it at 5pm instead of 12pm) and we DTD Friday night unprotected. I'm still breastfeeding my 3 month old exclusively BUT she now sleeps through the night and AF had returned recently so I'm worried I may have started ovulating again. It actually ended the day before we DTD. Now my question is: just what are my chances of getting pregnant again? Should I go to Plan B? Or is it too late? I think I'm incredibly fertile (got pregnant twice on combined pill) so I'm a little bit nervous I might have another little bundle of joy before my 3MO is out of nappies!

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    Unfortunately I don't think you have a Plan B at this late stage. I think you can only take the morning after pill up to 3 days after the incident. And if you DTD the day after you ovulated (is that right?) than you have high chances of falling pg. Sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear.
    Hopefully everything turns out ok though.

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    Sorry Jodi, I meant my period had ended just before we DTD. Because I'm still exclusively breastfeeding (except from 11pm to about 6am when she sleeps through the night, sorry not bragging to all those tired Mums!) I was hoping it might help to reduce my chances of falling pregnant. But then again, I know that her sleeping through the night can reduce the contraceptive effect of breastfeeding and I guess that's why my period returned this month for the first time. I also heard that the mini pill can mess up your cycles so really I don't know when I ovulated if I did at all. I've always thought that Plan B was only effective for up to 3 days after but after searching the net it says 5 days. It's all so confusing!

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    You have 72 hours after DTD to take the morning after pill.

    If you really don't want to risk another pregnancy so soon, get thee to a pharmacis quick!!

    Lexie was concieved as an oopsie whilst I was fully BF'ing and on the mini pill, and it does happen......Charlie was only 4 months old, oooops.

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    on my way to the chemist. Will TRY to stay under speed limit and control mounting panic :-)

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    I don't think you can take the morning after pill if you're breastfeeding though! Make sure you tell the pharmacist.

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    You can take it while breastfeeding but if you take a combination pill containing estrogen and progestin it may briefly reduce your milk flow. If you take a progestin-only pill it shouldn't affect milk at all. I'll be having a good old chat to the pharmacist though, just to make sure!

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    hi dessie - good luck!!!
    i was going to say i quite often took the mini pill late and never had an oopsie but obv it does happen! though the day after af ended you woudl have to be unlucky (or lucky depending how you look at it)

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    Thankyou preagainpan!!!!
    If this does result in another tiny family member then it's meant to be, BUT it would be nice to let our new bub be the baby of the family for more than 12 months!

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