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Thread: On the pill and missed a period

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    Question On the pill and missed a period

    I have been on the pill for a number of years and have not had a 'period' on the last break. Recently it has been very short but I have not even had any spots at all this last time. I haven't missed any pills or been sick so wondering could I be pregnant?

    Has anyone else been taking the pill nad suddenly not had a period?


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    its not unusual to miss a period on the pill, most of the leaflets that come with them says its possible, but you could also be pregnant. Maybe you should do a test and find out.

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    It happened to me... The first break I didn't worry as I'd not had sex at all for several weeks and there was no chance I could have been pregnant. Got through to the next break from the active tablets and still no period... I took myself off to the doctor...

    Long story short, I wasn't pregnant, but I'd started had some medications changed and it changed the way my liver processed the pill and it suddenly became too strong for me. I was switched to a lower dose one, and no more problems.

    Take yourself off to the doctor if you need reassurance.


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