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Thread: On the pill roller coaster... Your experiences???

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    Default On the pill roller coaster... Your experiences???

    Hi girls.
    Well since having my kIdlets I vowed to never go back on artificial hormones! But unfortunately after a long 3 years of figuring out I have Pmdd, where I am deeply affected from the dramatic changes in hormones on my normal cycle I am at the last resort of the pill again!
    The past 18 months have been horrific trying, natural therapies, ssris, cbt, that we ended up trying a progesterone only method (depo) resulting in 12 weeks of migraines non stop.
    The last 3 weeks of that I had to take estrogen to counter act the progesterone!
    Then the dr wanted me to try yaz ($85 a pop!!) and I am so tired on it, boobs hurt like hell and have put on 6 kgs!
    My. NExt option is trying loette .

    What r others experiences ???

    I don't need the pill for contraception as dh had the snip years ago, more for hormone therapy

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    No idea but... HI! long time no see!! xx

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    Hi!! Lol yes been a long time! Very long for me hehe x

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