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    I have recently stopped BF my DS but am still on the mini pill.....I am not TTC or anything so should I get onto the regular pill pronto or will the mini pill still do it's work???

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    the mini pill will only work when u are BFing, U need to go on the full one now.. take other precaautions until u do.

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    What? I'm not BFing and am on the mini-pill: it still works if you're not breastfeeding.

    You do need to remember to take it the same time every day, which I am sure you already know. The combined Pill is a little more reliable in that it's less crucial to take at the same time, but if you're in the habit and remember well there's no reason to shove extra hormones in your body if you don't need to.

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    i have also just got a new prescription to move from the minipill to the combined, as DD has self-weaned. It is less reliable, so if you are not wanting another pregnancy you should discuss your options with your gp or gyno.

    Only thing is i have to wait until my next period to start the new pill (i just had my first one since DD was born 15 months ago, which is pretty good going).

    Does anyone who is on the minipill know if you get your periods regularly, or does it affect it? Not that i have any idea what is regular for me.. this is the first time in almost 4 years i haven't been pregnant or breastfeeding.

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    On the minipill you get regular periods for the minipill - which aren't the same as your normal regular periods. As far as I know. So if you have the 28-day cycle, the minipill may make you out by up to a week. That's my understanding, at any rate. And it also depends on the brand - the brand I'm on, I may not have a period at all! (here's hoping!)

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