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Thread: Taking the pill to regulate AF

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    Default Taking the pill to regulate AF

    AF returned when DD was 10mths. When it did arrive I was getting AF every 2 weeks. At the time I was still BF twice a day and taking the mini pill. I am now only BF once a day so have gone on to the regular pill. This is the first month of being on reg pill. We are wanting to start TTC soon so just wondering if 1 month of reg pill would be enough to regulate AF or should I stick with it for a couple more months?

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    After DD2 was born AF returned 6 weeks later. After 2 cycles DH and i decided we wanted a 3rd bub...but to sway for a boy, so i went on the pill for 3 months and after 1 month it was back into 28 days so i stopped (after 3 months worth of pill..)...and conceived the next month. Who knows if we got our boy..

    But my dr said take the 4 month dose and things should be back on track.

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