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Thread: What pill wont send me crazy?

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    Talking What pill wont send me crazy?

    Argh..back to the dreaded hating the thought...but the thought of condoms or any other contraception is worse!

    Prior to meeting DH and TTC i was on Logynon ED and it was fab...loved after i had DD2 i went back on it...OMG...sent me into a hormonal depressed crazy chick no hurry to go back on that...but im really worried they are all going to do that to me.

    Whats one thats worked for you...or convince me theres something better for my situation that wont send me crazy!!!

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    I'm about to recommence on a pill called Loette, it is fairly new and one of the lowest dose pills on the market. It is a monophasic pill, which mean it has the same dose all month and is suppose to keep hormones steady, unlike a triphasic pill which is suppose to mimic a natual rise a fall of hormones.

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    Thanks for that....i didnt know there were such as thing as different dose pills.LOL

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    Def speak to your Dr about this. They have this fabbo chart thingy that has a column with side effects...if you get certain side effects, other pills are suggested.

    There are zillions on the market, it's not only dose that's important, but also the actual class of the hormone in that particular pill. Some are better than others for every individual woman. I was a crazy hormonal lunatic for several years, turns out I shouldn't have been on a triphasic (ie three diff colours each month) pills. Once they switched me over to one pill all the way around the box I was like a new woman again! LOL

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    My last brand was 3 different colour ones.

    Thanks for that info Marydean

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    I was on Loette, and yeah, best out of the few normal ones i'd tried. But that being said i still felt better not being on it at all before ttc.

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