thread: Multiple large placental lakes and excessive placental vessels any knowledge?

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    Multiple large placental lakes and excessive placental vessels any knowledge?

    Just had my 19wk scan today which showed a perfect healthy bubba it also showed I had multiple large placental lakes and they said the placenta had way more vessels then usual. The sonographer went and got another sonographer who both agreed the lakes were the biggest either had ever seen

    Now I'm aware of what the placental lakes are but not impressed by there size. The placenta to me looked all wrong (could be a variation of normal) it looked more like a bunch of grapes something I would expect to see in a molar pregnancy. Also bub is now measuring behind what it really is which is very unusual for me as my first 2 babies were already ahead at this stage (last was 3 weeks ahead in size)

    Just wondering if anyone has had this happen? I've read up on it and everyone else seems to only have one not multiple and it wasn't associated with excessive vessels placental either.

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

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    Aw Hun I'm not sure I haven't heard about either thing. Will keep fingers crossed tho.

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    hi Mildez!

    Hi, I just had my 18 wk scan and the dr said i also had multiple placental lakes. He told me not to worry but that the baby is smaller than normal. I was wondering how everything has been going with your pregnancy or if you have given birth yet and how the baby is. I am a bit worried and have another scan in 3 weeks but just wanted to see how everything has been going with u. Hope all is well.

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    I only just found this Josi.

    My daughter is now 4weeks old and everything went well with my pregnancy. I was very worried about the lakes/vessels but my Ob said it was just a type of normal. Another Ob said it can be a sign of a low lying placenta/placenta previa. My placenta was low lying but it moved up by 32weeks. I measured small as did bub until I hit 36weeks when her estimated weight was 3.5kilos (which is average for a term baby)

    My DD was born at 37+6 weighing a very healthy 3.92kilos (8lb10.5oz) so bigger then average. She was born vaginally and the placenta looked normal although it was huge. The Ob commented on how big and healthy it looked. My postpartum bleeding has been normal and its just finishing up now. The placenta come out quickly within minutes of bub coming out. This was a worry for me during pregnancy as with my first baby it was removed 5hrs after she was born in theatre after I started haemorraging. But this time everything went text book.