thread: Placenta previa 7mm away from cervix

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    Apr 2009
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    Placenta previa 7mm away from cervix

    Has anyone had a low lying placenta that has moved just enough to have a normal vaginal birth.
    Mine is 7mm away still to close for a normal birth but the OB said it needs to be 15mm away or 2.5cm that still seems a little close for my liking i have another u/s in 12 days for them to make a decision.
    Any women had a natural birth with a placenta just out of the danger range?
    How did you go did you have lots of bleeding?

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    I had a low-lying placenta with DS2 that luckily moved enough. But my ob told me that it only needed to be 3mm from the cervix to be ok - maybe obs all have different levels of comfort.

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    Apr 2009
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    Are you sure that it wasnt 3cm away as 3mm is just about touching the cervix i was told 2.5cm or 15mm so when you start to dilate in labour the placenta dosnt bleed as the cervix opens.

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!

    Ferrals - I don't have any direct experience to offer you but I am a bit confused by his two different numbers 2.5cm and 15mm (which is 1.5cm) - is it that he'd be happy with 15mm (1.5cm) but would prefer it to be 25mm (2.5cm) or has he been quoting different values to you??

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    My mothers did with her second child, but with her 3rd-final baby, she haemorrghed (pardon my spelling) during labour as it didnt move. Ive only learnt this from her today, as it ive also got a placenta that is partially covering my OS right now (a cause for some light bleeding).
    Im curious, is there a thread somewhere about this sort of thing? Right now im scattered and nervous, and want as much info as I can get on this topic. EDIT: I should add that overnight when my light bleedign has started, ive also had mild contractions and my cervix has slightly dilated and is very soft. Ive consulted with my Doctor today regarding these issues, and have been reassured for now as bleedig has stopped, but would value any info as mentioned before.

    Sorry for taking your thread Ferrals, and making it about me I hope you get some good feedback also. Im so embarrassed over my selfishness.
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    Apr 2009
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    Jaspen-He just said 15mm is when they consider a normal birth but they like it to be 2.5-3cm away so i am not to sure which one he is aimimg for i would be happier if it were further away i dont want to hemorrage.

    Sonny-You still have heaps of time for it to move my placenta was still fully covering the os at 32 weeks the OB said no chance for it to move enough and 2 weeks later it is off the os altogether and moving up and away and that was just in two weeks i was gobsmacked that it moved so much and i have had no spotting since a tiny bit at 27 weeks and with a grade 4 PP they say expect to end up in hospital.