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Thread: Placenta previa with suspected accreta

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    Default Placenta previa with suspected accreta

    This pregnancy was a huge shock to me, wasn't expecting to get pg so soon, but a happy surprise anyway...
    I was fully prepared to give a vba2c a go.
    I knew it would mean going in to battle with the hospital again, but I was hoping that from my experience last time, I knew better now.

    That dream was shattered at my 21wk antenatal appointment.
    results from my morphology scan showed the placenta is anterior, covering my previous (2) cs scar (s)
    also low lying just on the margin of os.

    The attending OB said that all the senior Obs had a meeting regarding my desire for a VBA2c, their answer to this was "a big fat no" due to my risk factors for Accreta.
    The placenta being where it is, my age, previous uterine surgeries (d&cs etc, all up I've had about 8) plus some others I cant recall now...put me at about a 60% chance of having it.
    The placenta could very well move, it would be great if it did as that would mean less indication of accreta.

    The OB was quite surprised that I even knew what she talking about...if it wasn't for the VBAC australia group on FB, I wouldnt have.

    so the plan is that in 2 weeks time at 28 weeks I will be going back for another scan to determine where placenta is and to look for other signs of accreta.
    If better images needed or any indication of accreta presents then I will also be having an MRI.

    Depending on severity of what they find I will be scheduled for a cs at either 32 or 34 weeks

    I went home and cried, bawled, I was terrified....I know all about accreta, increta and precreta, its scary stuff.
    I dont want to lose my uterus, I dont want to possibly die...
    I really dont want to be having a baby that early either...

    I did start thinking that maybe, just maybe they (the hospital) were trying to scare me out having a VBa2c (theyre not very supportive of vbac full stop) but if that is the case then they are monsters...evil, devil, monsters...

    I've done my (peer reviewed, proper studies, acog, Ranzcog etc) research, I've joined the support groups, I'M SCARED.
    This is not something that I ever dreamed I would ever have to think about...

    I only ever wanted 3 children, but the thought of having the possibility of ever having any more just ripped away from me is unbearable...

    I had a rough time after my first cs and ended up with 3 units of blood transfused afterwards, I was a mess for a long time after that birth. MWs and obs still comment on the fact that my blood count was so low...
    I dont want to go through that again...

    ok, so rationally, I can tell myself that I dont even know if its a problem yet...there is no diagnosis, its just suspected...
    BUT...accreta is very tricky to diagnose prior to birth, even if all these scans and MRIs show nothing...there is still the possibility...
    I keep telling myself that its better for them to suspect it and have all that blood ready for massive transfusions etc, just in case...even though it means surgery...its more likely I will live.

    I cant even think about worst case scenarios, like increta or percreta...if it comes to that, well I will deal at the time...

    The best thing I thought I had going was that I had shown no bleeding, classed as asymptomatic...yay..
    but then I awoke on Easter saturday to a bleed, not a huge one but a bleed none the less. I left DS6 with DF and took DS1 with me to hospital.
    they did a quick scan in the labour and delivery ward and confirmed that the placenta has had no movement (not great) gave me an incredibly painful VE, then sent me up to the postnatal/gyne ward...expected to stay 24-48 hrs...
    The bleeding had stopped before I even got to hospital, I had a chat with a few of the nurses and then decided to discharge myself, I didnt want to miss out on Easter with my boys.
    I have been put on "pelvic rest" no sex, lifting heavy objects etc..

    I've not heard anything back from the hospital so I assume its just all now a waiting game, 2 more weeks until this scan...

    anyone else been through similar? want to share your experience?
    I'm not in a very good headspace about all this, I guess I just needed to get all that out..

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    Default Re: Placenta previa with suspected accreta

    Wow very over whelming you poor thing.
    I haven't had it personally, but I used to work with someone who had her 3rd C/S and was an undiagnosed percreta (I think), it was in her bladder anyway. She was in the operating room for a very long time and had a lot of blood transfusions. I think there would have been a fairly long recovery too ( I had left that work by then so I only spoke to her once about it and can't remember a lot of details)
    Anyway, not trying to scare you, but I think the best thing to focus on is that you are far better suspecting and being prepared than going in and it being a shock for everyone. As you say, they can have blood ready and often times when the worst is suspected, it never happens.
    Lots of unknowns to think about and it must be very scary for you, big hugs from me.
    I hope things go as well as possible hun and you don't have any more scary bleeds xxx

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    Default Re: Placenta previa with suspected accreta

    Sorry to hear you are going through this

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    Default Re: Placenta previa with suspected accreta

    A girlfriend of mine had undiagnosed placenta accreta. We nearly lost her and the baby on the operating table. It was so absolutely traumatic for the entire family that they're still getting over it two years later.

    Another girlfriend of mine had diagnosed placenta accreta. She was well managed, medically, and although she was unable to keep her uterus, she had a lot of support and counselling during the pregnancy and birth and afterwards, which was massively helpful.

    Is there any way the hospital can provide you with a counsellor or social worker to talk things through with? I see you've done a huge amount of research, and armed with knowledge of the issue, I truly hope and pray that you can work out the best pathway forward with your medical team.

    Sending you best wishes.

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    Default Re: Placenta previa with suspected accreta

    Thanks for your replies
    I don't think its possible for me to be any more terrified than I already am Lol
    I'm assuming that if this scan shows anything the obs I see next appointment will be going through all my options with me...if not I'll be demanding it and requesting some sort of counselling...
    I'm also really worried about how my boys will cope if in a worst case scenario I end up in hospital for more than a week or have to be at hospital for a long time due to bubs being in nicu.
    Ds6 has just had an ASD diagnosis, I'm currently working with the school trying to integrate him from half days to full days part time, plus all his psych, ot and other appointments...its been pretty good for me to throw myself at that rather than dwell on all maybes of this pregnancy, but I'm worried how that's going to affect him and his schooling, not to mention my still bfing toddler who will only be 15-16 months when delivery of bub happens...I'm torn between wanting to wean him off now so its easier for his dad to cope with in the case of something going wrong or just hoping all goes well and just keep on keeping on...
    My mum and dad are an incredible support and I know they will go above and beyond to help out in any way they can, mum has already looked into getting carers leave from her job.
    Df is scared as well and jumps between that and saying we don't know anything and its all going to be fine...but I know its stressing him out thinking about work, leave, payments etc...and the kids, then me and the new bub on top of that...
    Its just a nightmare not knowing...

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    Default Re: Placenta previa with suspected accreta

    I had placenta previa with Jason that moved by 34 weeks. I had a bleed at 31 weeks that my obstetrician has said for me was the start of placental failure, I had to have a crash section due to a complete failing of the placenta. This pregnancy the placenta is at the back. I got told no strenuous lifting, dtd etc when I had the issues with Jason and I iv got Jason he turned 1 the 13th April and I'm 32+4 and my obstetrician thinks I'm going to have bubs 34 to 36 weeks absolute max and will be in hospital up to a week. Hugs and congratulations x

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