thread: Possible Placenta Previa and light spotting @ 35 weeks?

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    Possible Placenta Previa and light spotting @ 35 weeks?

    hi everyone,
    well i am 35 weeks today with my second baby and experienced some light spotting and even a small clot last night. nothing so far today though.

    i am suppose to be having my last scan next monday and doctor appointment on thursday at the hospital to decide on the final outcome! either natural or c-section due to a low lying placenta (placenta previa) and for the fact he may be breech?

    has anyone had any experience with placenta previa or spotting in the third trimester.
    should i ring my doctor and tell her or wait until next week?? a lot of web sites say that this is very normal as the cervix is softening and the placenta moving. but then others say it could be dangerous and to have it checked out?

    any advice is greatly appreciated....

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    I have no experience with PP but I would definitely call your Dr and get checked out.

    Always better to be safe than sorry and you're obviously worried enough to post

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    You really should have any bleeding throughout pregnancy checked out. It's probably nothing, but better to be safe than sorry

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    Any bleeding should get checked out. If you have PP, then definately call and see someone today.

    btw - breech shouldn't mean an automatic c/s, but PP will.


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    I had a complete previa and started spotting at 30 weeks. I called my ob who was happy to wait 4 days till my next appt then booked a scan for me to check everything out. I kept spotting until at 34 weeks I had 2 ante partum hemorrhages and was given a c section to deliver my son. It is very scary! You should talk to your ob and see if your scan can be moved forward at all. I am here if you need to talk. Big hugs Hun xx

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    I think you should get this checked just to be on the safe side

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    how did u go? did you get it checked out?