thread: problems with placenta

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    Apr 2011

    problems with placenta

    had 20week scan yesterday and was told my placenta is covering my cervix and that its anterior and that if it hasnt moved at least 2-3cm away from cervix by 32weeks when im recanned then its a c section.
    is there any thing i can do that will help and does anyone know what the chances are of it moving? really want a natural birth.
    thanks in advance for any help xx

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    Sometimes they do move up on their own. So have faith, I don't think there is anything you can do to help it along. Just be patient and trust in your body. xoxox

    I wish you the best xox

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    You can't do anything about placenta praevia, sadly. The placenta starts to grow where the blatocyst implanted in your uterus and that's a random occurance. It needs to be a certain amount of space away from the cervix for you to be able to birth safely. Sometimes they move as the uterus grows and moves up. Other times they dont.

    I hope it moves for you and you can get your vaginal birth. I know it can be hard for people to come to terms with. It's one of the the things I'll be checking out at our 20wk scan. i know it's no comfort, but placenta praevia is one of those conditions where a c/s is medically warranted.

    Were you told to go on pelvic rest?

    Eta-i think you have more of a chance of the placenta moving with an anterior placenta than if it was posterior.
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    I had placenta previa with my first pregnancy and unfortunately mine didn't move. A lot of people are told their placenta is low at 20 weeks but most of them move. At my appointments towards the end the midwives always seemed surprised that mine hadn't moved at all so I guess that shows that there aren't that many that do stay too low for a vaginal birth.
    Sorry this doesn't really help, just my experience. I hope for you that's at your next scan it has moved far far away! I hope it doesn't stress you out too much and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xx

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    Mar 2011

    hi i had grade 4 placenta previa at my 20 week scan it actually extended 2.19cm over the cervix covering it completely, i was told i would be admitted at 34 weeks due to bleeding being a major concern and a c-section at 37 weeks and was put on pelvic rest. i was told by my OB chances of my placenta moving for a natural birth was less then 0.5% (because it was so covered)
    i had no bleeding or spoting
    at my 28 week scan my placenta had moved and it now 1cm away from my cervix so there is hope and most placenta previas do infact "move" mine was postieror
    i still need to be recheck at 34 weeks to make sure it was moved some more

    i hope you have the same or simular outcome

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    sorry to hear that. don't know much about it, except i know where the placenta implants is random, and there is nothing you can do yourself to move it. hopefully it does move a bit further up as your pregnancy progresses. all the best

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    As PP have said, there is nothing you can do but cross your fingers. My placenta was very low at my 20 week scan and was told the same as you. By my 32 week scan it had moved more than enough and I had a wonderful vaginal delivery after going into spontaneous labour at 38+5 I hope you get the outcome you want too

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    with both my pregnancies i had low lying placenta and both times its moved far enough away for me to have a natural birth

    i wouldnt be too concerned as everyone else has said they do tend to move

    may i also add, both times i was never told to go on pelvic rest, it could be just certain doctors/obs that recommend this but i still DTD and everything and it never made a difference
    also not all women experience bleeding when the placenta decides to move either as i never did with either of mine

    Goodluck and i hope you get your wish of a natural birth but stay positive im sure you will be fine

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    i had a grade 4 placenta previa and mine ran posterior to anterior. the ob had to cut thru the placenta with my section! having said that tho mine didnt move and i had spotting from 30 weeks and 2 big bleeds at 34 weeks where i was admitted and then delivered 2 days later.

    but thats my story and may not be your story. fingers crossed it moves for you.