thread: Succenturiate Lobe -Second Placenta

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    Question Succenturiate Lobe -Second Placenta

    Just a question....curiosity killed the cat *meow*

    A friend of mine just told me she is having her baby 4 weeks early because she has a second placenta (google tells me it's called a succenturiate lobe). She is having a c-section and MAY have to have it under general anesthetic!

    Has anyone heard of this? Does she REALLY have to have the baby this early and not be able to have it naturally?

    She is in Singapore at the moment, and the doctors there are quite high intervention (hence me coming home to have my baby!)...and I feel like getting on my high horse about this...but don't know all the facts.

    Anyone heard of this or know more??

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    From the very little I know, the fear is retained placenta, PPH or sepsis because of this succenturiate lobe. This may explain the surgical birth as the doctor may wish to manually remove the placenta to ensure all parts are safely removed. However the premature caesarean does not make any sense to me, I wonder if her placenta is blocking her cervix? Hopefully a midwife will come along and be able to help more.

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    Traveller is correct. The main concern would be PPH caused by a retained placenta. There is also a higher chance of placenta previa.