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    Help please, My wife and I have just moved to Airport West (from Mornington Peninsula).

    We have an almost 3y.o Daughter & Holly is 20 weeks pregnant. Exciting times indeed.

    I work full time therefore I have people to connect with however Holly is not getting any form of adult connection other than myself when I am home and she is missing her Mums group and friends of course.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or open wide arms to welcome not only my wife to Airport west but our family as well?

    Perhaps a playgroup or mother's group?


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    I would recommend the mother goose programme or a local playgroup? There may be pram walking groups, too.
    When the Bub comes she may be able to join an existing mothers group where the mums are having their second children.
    Also, you may want to change your username and take your mobile off since it's a public forum.?

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