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    Smile Bumgenius Pocket Nappies

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm only 11weeks into my first pregnancy, but I'm looking at alteratives to disposables because I've never liked them and also cloth costs way less.

    I've come accross this brand, its the number 1 seller accross the world (apparently) and I was wondering if anyone has used them before? What was good or bad about them? They appear to be better designed and made than some cheaper varieties and each nappy comes with 2 inserts, alot of other brands charge seperatley for these.

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    I am mostly a fan of bumgenius nappies. However, I don't have any in my stash for a few reasons:

    1. Unless you get the organic ones, the inner material is suedecloth. This reacted with my bub's skin and it causes rashes here.

    2. The boosters aren't that absorbent, I have heavy wetters and need something like bamboo to boost my nappies.

    3. Because they are OSFM, I found the crotch really wide - too wide for my girls.

    4. I got soooo sick of stuffing pockets.

    5. The elastic in them has a rep of not lasting very long.

    Other than that - they were good!

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    Mar 2011
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    Thanks for this Is there any other brands you would recommend? I'm going to use the disposable liners to encourage my partner, as he isn't a fan of anything other than disposable.

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    Brands in pocket nappies? I'm a fan of supporting Aussie mums who make nappies at home,which are usually ai2s, not pockets.

    I only use Widdlewuns here because they are the best fit for us but other reputable brands are sugar shots, beetlebum, genesa forge, nicnaps, cherubs kiss - heaps out there!!!

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    i am a fan of our Bumgenius pockets.

    we've been using ours fulltime for almost 4 years now and the only complaint i have is that the elastic has gotten worn around the legs (but it did take 3 years of constant use!). i have been told that they are easily mendable but me not being of the sewing variety, i have had to make do with popping a pilcher over the top, until i can find someone to fix them for me.

    what i really love about them over other brands that i have used is that they are in our experience super absorbent. i have tried cushie tushie, erica, popolini brands and they were no match.

    i also love that they are super easy to clean and fast drying. (but i think most MCN are these days).


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    hi lolpigs - we use cloth and really glad we made the effort. I have 3 BG nappies. we've got 2 pocket nappies with the velcro-sort close and one AIO with the same velcro stuff.
    I have found the velcro hasn't aged well despite following the care instructions when washing etc. if i was buying more i'd get the snappy shut ones as DS can now easily open the nappies himself.... and the velcro has sort of curled so it catches very easily when he's playing... even when he's got pants over the top.

    I do like them but we don't use them at night cos they don't handle our sons pee well, even with the booster. And I have found they weren't great at containing pee when he was smaller ... he is very long and thin. I think his legs were just too thin to get a good fit iykwim.

    I wouldn't rate them as the best nappy in my collection, especially for the price but they've served their purpose.

    I had bought a couple of babybeehinds and they were a terrible fit for DS so we sold them after only about 6 uses.
    Recently we got a Sandman's night nappy 2nd hand from a BB member and it works great for overnight.
    I also use Organic Bugalugs pocket nappies and they work well but I really don't like the style of the boosters etc They are very similar to BG tho but have a sort of gutter around the leg. but still don't fit fantastically around our DS's legs.
    We've also got 2 MOtherease nappies - the sort that need a cover as well - one is a Sandy's nappie and fitted him really really well as a bub, espeically aroundn the legs.. and the other is a one size bamboo one. I really like both of these nappies and they weren't overly $$$
    Generally tho, we have found that terry squares with a liner and a cover over the top really works the best for us. and is a lot cheaper than mcns.

    I'm not sure if any of that helps you but hope it does! Congratulations on your pregnancy

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    Pockets make up the majority if my stash.
    BumGs are OK but have to be changed pretty quick on my heavy wetter and are very wide in the crotch if you have a little tiddler.
    Blueberrys are great and side snapping.
    BCHeeks are awesome
    I also got a few off ebay (long story but already had a full stash of nappies in storage and needed a few at a pinch) for 99c - they are seriously good in terms of fit and elastic. I have had to put my own stuffers in as microfibre is no good on a serious weer.
    Greenkids are ok but you have to buy the inserts serapately and they are very wide crotched.

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    Have used every version of the BumGs now and love them all!

    However, my ersonal fav now are the organics- they aren't pockets, they are sewn-in AIO's. They are OSFM, and not cheap, but they will last you 3 years easily and still have life in them, they are easy to use and good quality. They also have a 12 month warranty on them.

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    Hi I've bought the latest version of Bumgenius (4.0 - apparently they fixed a few of the earlier issues) and I love them. In fact they form the bulk of my stash now.

    My suggestion to you is buy one and see how it goes because it depends on the fit on your baby. When DD was a newborn I used bamboo prefolds (with cover) or Kissaluv's fitted (with cover) as the OSFM doesn't really work well when they are tiny.

    I also bought one Happy Heiney, one Fuzzibunz and Bumgenius. I also really liked the Fuzzibuns. The only reason why I bought more of the Bumgenius rather than the fuzzibunz was that the BG are wider in the crotch and so I was able to stuff them with the bamboo prefolds I bought (as well as the microfibre inserts that come with them). If I didn't have the bamboo prefolds I think I would have gone with the Fuzzibunz as they are SO adjustable. I suggest buying one to see how you go. I didn't like the Happy Heiney one at all. It was a very bad fit for my DD (quality wise it was fine).

    I also have AI2s (which my husband prefers as they are easier to "assemble" than pocket nappies). I tried Abby Gro and BubbaMoo. I prefer the Abby Gro as they fit better. It might be worth trying just one to see how you like AI2s as well.

    Sorry to blather on but the important thing is to try before you buy heaps!

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    Thanks so much for the answers it's really helpful