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    Sep 2009

    Green kids

    Hey there,

    Has anyone tried Green Kids nappies? There are on sale at Nurture Nappies. How are they in terms of leak, trimness & do they have snaps to adjust the rise?


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    Jan 2007

    GK formed the bulk of my stash I loved them! They can be a bit bulky between the legs but that didn't worry me, no snaps they fold down and we never had leaks. DS is a pretty big night wetter and we would use a bamboo insert with a microfiber booster with no hassles. Worth getting some to trial IMO. I never used fitteds and covers though and loved the convenience of pockets.

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    Sep 2008

    GK also form bulk of my stash - I like them, bulky on little ones but good performers in my opinion - and two years on still going strong. Personally I don't like the hemp inserts (they go too stiff and crinkly after washing) and prefer the bamboo.

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    Aug 2008

    I Started with GK and love them must agree with the bamboo inserts

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    Oct 2007
    Middle Victoria

    i've got 3 and they are my spares. I got mine second hand so not sure if they are an old design. Not trim and they are too big for littlies (but i don't really like any osfm on little kids). But for $12 they are worth getting a few to try out. i still use mine, they are just not my favs.

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    Jan 2008
    Country Victoria

    I am currently waiting for my new stash of GK's to arrive from Nurture Nappies. I use them as night nappies and I love them. By day I am a itti bitti fan, alot trimmer.
    I found GK's to leak in the earlier days (around the inner leg) but now the girls are a bit bigger they are great.

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    Jan 2006

    I have a few I got 2nd hand and they were great with my DS. Didn't start using them till he was over 12 months though. The wider-crotch pockets suited him as he's relatively slim. My DD needs trimmer ones like IBs

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    Dec 2007
    Sunny Qld

    I had heaps when I first started out (3 years ago) and I sold them all because they are sooo wide in the crotch that even DS got camel toe

    Plus they are lined with suedecloth and my kids have issues with that

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    Feb 2006
    South Eastern Suburbs, Vic

    I'm a huge fan, they've just always proved really reliable for us. They're not trim on the younger ones though - you can fold the front down, but the crotch is rather wide. Not wider than a terry flat maybe though? Dunno.

    Why not get one and try it, and you can get more if you like them? From memory, NN aren't too sluggish with shipping? Plus - they seem really decently priced even when not on sale (compared to other pockets anyway!).

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    Aug 2008

    I love them. They're a brilliant travel nappy - we took a couple on our 16 day camping epic and they were the best! You can stuff them with anything - prefolds, folded terry flat (great if you go on holiday and forget your snappis ) hand towel, daddy's undies (oh yes, it happened. We were desperate) They are velcro, so dad proof, and the fit works on our little love.

    I wouldn't have a whole stash full, but I definitely like having them.

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    Sep 2009

    mmm...I think I will give them a miss for the moment. I really like the snaps on the rise of nappies as I find it hard to fold tops down, particularly with my wriggle pot. When he is a bit bigger I might look into the GK as they seem to have a good reputation by your posts.

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    Jan 2007

    I used GK most of the time for DS1 and loved them. They did leak in the early days, but were fine once he was bigger (maybe 4 months+). But, I have actually been pretty disappointed with how they have worn. I had to replace all the leg elastics to use them for DS1 & the PUL faded along the top of the nappies. The past few weeks, I have noticed that the waistband elastic is wearing out too - so they are not staying up very well anymore!