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Thread: MCN Leaking.. Help please

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    Default MCN Leaking.. Help please

    I have been using MCN a variety of brands for the past couple of weeks. However I obviously did something w the last wash as they are now leaking Generally out the legs but also out the back, as bub is only 3mths so spends most time on her back..

    I only use a small amount of washing powder in the pre wash and don't use bum creams etc.. So cant think what I did this wash that's stopped them being absorbant. Any suggestions please on what I've maybe done or where Im going wrong

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    I'd give them a strip wash and see how it goes. Even though you are only using a little bit of powder it can still build up in the weave over time. I generally do a strip wash once a month just out of routine.

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    I agree with the strip wash, but I also found that sometimes as bubs was growing and I had to go up a set of snaps and then the nappies weren't as tight fitting. Took a little bit of experimenting to work out the best snapping arrangement for her size at the time.

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