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Thread: Ears & Speech, Looking for others in the same boat

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    Looks as though this thread didn't get very far but the title caught my attention.

    DS1 turned two in December. He has been delayed with most milestones, including speech. He had grommets inserted in September last year and this has made a huge difference in his speech however he still only has a small group of words he can say and we go to 'Little Learners' classes through our local health service who monitor him and provide ways for us to assist him at home with his speech development.

    I just don't know when to start worrying or even if I should? Just wondering if anyone else has been through similar and if grommets worked for them. It feels as though DS1 has 'stalled' with his speech development but he can communicate with us so maybe he feels like he doesn't need to learn anymore words!! So hard not to compare your child to those around you. First time mum here so can only really go by what his paed tells me.


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    I am going through this now. My nearly 2yo is booked in to see the ENT specialist this month where I think he'll have to have grommets. In the meantime the doctor has put him on a long course of antibiotics as he can't seem to shift the fluid behind his eardrums. He hardly speaks, none of his words are clear except for 'mum-eh' (Mummy) and 'Dah-de' (Daddy). My friend went through this with her then 18mth old. Her doctor likened her little boy to hearing under water. After grommets his speech improved dramatically and now, 3yrs on he's at school and you wouldn't even know he had a hearing issue.

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