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    Hi mummies. Im 5 weeks with baby no 5. Feeling unsure. Scared. Anxiety to the max. Starting to get worried about Ms with school almost returning. What are some tips to help ease sickness??? I simply can't lay in bed feeling yuck for how ever long it takes to leave. Help. feeling so upset

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    Carry a bucket or vomit bag at all times, I used to when I had school runs!
    Trying drinking water with lemon in it too

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    What Rosetti suggested

    When I had morning sickness, I tried eating dry crackers in the morning before I got up. Seemed to help most days.

    Everyone's different though.. What might work for us, might not work for you.

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    Zip lock bags will be your saviour. fill your bag with them. Use it and then zip it up - spill proof.

    Good luck.

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