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    Hi. I'm new to this .. so u found out I'm almost 5 wks pregnant and I'm having very light spotting . So I had last week all week light spotting. Then I woke up wed with red blood n now the brown spotting again. They did a blood test yesterday to compare my numbers with tomorrows. And I guess my numbers yesterday were higher then they should be. I had a miscarriage in December so I'm worried the brown bleeding is a miscarriage happening again .any advice?

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    I'm so sorry no advice just sending positive sticky vibes your way.
    I wish you all the best

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    How are things going for you now? I had a small brown bleed very early on with my first and with this baby. It is very common and can be normal in early pregnancy. I hope all is going well and your bloods continue to come back good!

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    My blood test came back doubled so that's a good thing. I've still had the light brown spotting but today it seems to have stopped. I have an ultrasound tomorrow so I'm hoping for good news. Thanks for asking ! =)

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    That all sounds really positive! Enjoy your scan!

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