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Thread: Aspirin at 11 weeks?

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    Must say I just love this site!! I am 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby and finding BellyBelly VERY helpful, big thank you to all involved.

    I am posting for a friend who cannot join just yet as only 11 weeks pregnant and doesn't want to join this site until next week when the people will find out shes pregnant.

    This is my third pregnancy which will be my third c-section. I am only 11 weeks pregnant and just received a phone call last night at 17:50pm to say that I must start taking aspirin from now until the end of my pregnancy but no one can tell me why? I called the midwife this morning to ask why and she doesn't know, she said it was the consultant who has requested it and thinks it may be due to being my 3rd c-section. As I don't see the obstetrician for another 5 weeks yet I am unsure what to do about this? Please could anyone advise me if they had to take aspirin due to 3rd c-section? I have no other medical problems, no high blood pressure, no pre-eclampsia so I am very confused this normal for a 3rd c-section? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    I have never heard of that before. If you have no other symptoms, I would not be taking anything until someone can explain the reasoning behind it.

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    Thanks for response Chocaholic, much appreciated.

    My friend is concerned as we cant even find anything on google search about 3rd section and aspirin and if this was the 'norm' other mums would have spoke about it on websites.

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    Ok the midwife has phoned back and said ..

    The aspirin is to keep my blood and flowing more freely as there is the risk that I could loose some protein into my urine rather than staying in my blood for the baby. If it leaks into my urine and suffer from high blood pressure it could lead to pre eclampsia. I haven't had high blood pressure ever before but with the recent of my history of my kidneys they would prefer that I took it.

    Yeah she said to make sure you drink loads, which I do already as it helps the urine flush through quicker and the less chance of an infection. Yeah I have kidney stones, there is still some in my kidneys on the branches but not big enough to cause pain. That is the last timing I want while being pregnant as it is sore!

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    Aspirin can increase the risk of miscarriage before 14w. I only know because midwives wanted me to take it at 8w for bleeding and painful cramping, thinking I was miscarrying, but I refused then researched if it was ok. Midwives said it was ok. Medical literature disagreed. Always double check what they ask you to take and if your friend has no history of pre eclampsia then why does she need it now?

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    Thanks for your advice, much appreciated

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    I was actually told to take low dose aspirin from 6w-14w to assist me in maintaining my pregnancy! It worked for me, and it had something to do with the blood flow in the placenta. I got my gorgeous DD from it! I thought it was strange, and went against everything I had researched but my OB was adamant it was in my best interests and hey, he was right!

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