thread: Early ultrasound - am I worrying too much!

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    May 2004

    Early ultrasound - am I worrying too much!

    I'm probably just worrying about nothing, but as we are about to tell our parents our news, I suppose this is weighing on my mind.

    Last Friday I had an early ultrasound to date bubs. The report came back and said that "an intrauterine implantation is identified, decidual reaction is seen around it. However the sac size only indicates a gestation of 5 weeks, and as yet no foetal pole or yolk sac is identified."

    So this is what's got me worried.... a sac without a foetal pole or yolk sac could be a blighted ovum, ie: non-viable pregnancy. Supposedly they can see the foetal pole and yolk form around 5 weeks - but they didn't see mine.

    They recommended another ultrasound in 2 weeks to confirm ongoing viable gestation, this sounds so depressing! My docotr said just to wait until my first obs appt in 3 weeks.

    Is it possible that I was dated as 5 weeks on Friday, even though I am about 4, and this is why they couldn't see the foetal pole or yolk?? By my chart calculations I would have been 4 weeks on friday, not 5. I am not sure how it's possible to have been 5 weeks on Friday, by looking at my chart!

    Has something similar happened to anyone, or can anyone shed any light?


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    Apr 2003
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    I had an ultrasound at around 5 weeks with my first child and they saw nothing at all, but they only did an abdominal ultrasound, not a vaginal one.

    Maybe it was just a bit too early for you and everything is growing as it should be.

    Please, try to relax and hopefully when you have your next ultrasound, they will see a little baby and a pounding hearbeat.

    Best wishes to you

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    If by your dates, you are 4w, then provided that your cycles are regular, it is quite likely that a foetal pole would not have been detected yet.

    I would suggest that you talk to your GP again and let them know that you are concerned and ask if you could have another u/s to check on the progress of things, but to me, it sounds all normal based on how many weeks you think you are (i.e. 4, not 5!)

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    May 2004

    Kelli - that's good to hear My ultrasound was internal, though the sonographer first did the external one, and could see a speck.

    Melinda - my cycles certainly aren't regular, but I know (within about 3 days) when I ovulated, so had worked it out to be 4 weeks. I hadn't even ovulated at the time I would have to make me 5 weeks.
    But they dated it as 5 weeks, so who knows what is right.