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Thread: Feeling Early Flutters

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    Default Feeling Early Flutters

    Is anyone feeling flutters early? I am sure that in the past couple of weeks (10-12 weeks) I have felt the odd flutter, which feels like baby movements. This is my second pregnancy, and I didn't feel them so early the first time.
    I haven't yet had my first ultrasound, and am wondering if I have the dates slightly wrong...

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    Melinda Guest


    Hi Berry, I first felt movement at 13w and that was my first PG (well the first that made it that far). They say that with subsequent PG's you can feel movement earlier, so it could well be!!

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    Berry, was talking to MIL on weekend who was a midwife for 20 years, she said flutters or 'quickening' can be felt as early as 12 weeks. if it is a feeling you have never experience before, then is most likely bubs!

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