Right what do i ask? i am seen weeks and have had a previous m/c but never made it this far - i am not sure if this specialist (was my GYN) does OB as well so thats the first one... OK here what i am going to ask so far...If any one else can think of anything else i might have missed please let me know...

1. Is GYN going to be my OB as well - if not who is he going to refer me too.

2. Do i need a midwife as well - does he have a list of midwives he works with /Recommends

3.When do i need to book my next scan?

4. Can we DTD? is it safe?

5. How likely am i to m/c now?

6. Gestational Diabetes when will i be tested for that - and likelihood of development?

7. How soon can we TTC #2

8. What kind of Birthing do you allow? Active, home birth etc...

aaaarrgghhh i don't know anything else?