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Thread: First OB appointment - what to expect?

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    Default First OB appointment - what to expect?

    I just rang and booked in with my OB. They said they usually have people come in for their first appointment between 10-12 weeks. So I'm booked in for 22 December (I'll be 10.5 weeks). The receptionist said they'll do a full medical history and probably a scan. What sort of scan is this?

    Did your DHs/DPs go along with you to your first appointment?

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    Hi Fee,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    For my first OB appointment, My Dr did an ultrasound of the baby (he has the equipment in his office) and did some general health questions. I had already been to see him prior to conception so he had a general idea of lifestyle and health. Prior to my OB appointment by GP sent me for routine blood tests also, which checked me for immunity against certain diseases etc. Perhaps if you dont have this beforehand your OB will send you to have this done for your second visit.

    MY DH came with me as we both felt that it was special for us to be there, especially being our first. But sometimes its not possibile for them to be there, especially if family and work dont know.. its sometimes a little hard to get time off!!

    Hope everything goes well.

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