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Thread: Go those Hormonal PIMPLES!

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    Default Go those Hormonal PIMPLES!

    One sure sign that I am pregnant is being covered in pimples! Damn! Those birthcontrol pills were good for something!

    So - did lots of research on pimples and found out that the best thing for them is good ol benzoyal (sp?) peroxide - yup clearasil!
    Don't go overboard, just put it on the pimples themselves (yeah I know ALL OVER my back) and use a gentle cleaner like Cetaphil.

    May not work for everyone, but my last pregnancy was .. well hell is an exaggeration ... anyway I'm finding this time that this "regime" really works, especially if you are affected hormonally like I am.

    Takes about 3 days to notice a difference, and have to do this every day or back to square one.

    Disclaimer : I'm not a doctor, and have researched based on my skin and using a foundation that doesn't irritate etc. I'm fairskinned, burn easily, have combination skin.

    Anyway - it's worth checking out and not suffering in silence!

    Hope everyone else is glowing and able to enjoy their "new and improved" cleavage pimple free!

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    Thanks so much for your help! Will have to go buy some - I thought my pimple days were over! ](*,)

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