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Thread: My visit to the ER..

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    Default My visit to the ER..

    Hey Ladies.. this has been a tough couple of days for me! Yesterday i had some spotting, brown mucus discharge, so went to the ER, and they were that busy, that i had to go back this morning to get a ultrasound done.. well went to the ultrasound and saw the babies heartbeat, which was sooo great!! But i still have the brown discharge throughout the day.. and just before i had a bowel movement (sorry, i hope no-one is eating right now lol) and i had some more then..

    After the heartbeat is detected, am i pretty much in the "safe zone"..

    im really worried.

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    Oh huge hugs, mizzsocial! How terrifying for you!

    It sounds like your little one is doing well though & seeing a HB is an excellent sign! It's not uncommon to have a bit of spotting with a BM too btw.

    Wishing you all the best.

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    i had some brown discharge earlier in my pregnancy and my doc told me not to worry unless there is bright red blood with period pain. From what you have described your discharge sounds like a normal pg symptom, but i know it is still really hard not to worry!

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    it must have been such a releif to hear the heartbeat. im sure all is fine for you, must have been a real fright though

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    Melinda Guest


    What a relief!!

    I had some brown discharge on 3 occasions in the first trimester when I was PG with Jacob - 4w, 5.5w and again at 7w. Each time it lasted for no longer than 48 hours and was just there when I wiped (sorry for TMI!).

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    kerry Guest


    Brown discharge is usually 'old' blood and most gp's/ob's will tell you not to worry. I know that is the hardest thing, not to worry, but really unless it is bright red, clotty or with period type pains you really don't need to worry too much.

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    I had the same thing for about 2 weeks all up (around wks 6/7). Muddy brown when I wiped for the first week, turning to pinky/red stained mucus.. again only when I wiped. Had an ultrasound, but everything was ok. Haven't had any since.

    Hope it eases up soon for you mizzsocial. Like the others said, don't worry too much unless you get pain or it turns red & clotty.

    Here's some :bluestick: inkstick: to help you along

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