thread: Nausea in early pregnancy

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    Mar 2005

    Nausea in early pregnancy

    Just wondering, what is the earliest you can start to fell nauseous after conception??

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    for me it was before 4 weeks. Wasn't 100% sure it was pregnancy, but now I know obviously. I was also extremely tired and craving (pizza and burgers) before 4 weeks. So that's not even 2 weeks after conception...ox

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    Custardtart Guest

    I never had much nausea with my pregnancies, but I noticed signs like being uninterested in food or really bad heartburn only two weeks after conception.


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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania

    It was anywhere between 1 week after conception to 3 weeks after conception with all of mine...

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    Melinda Guest

    With Jacob I didn't get nausea until 7w, but I have heard of it happening much earlier with others!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    I think it was about 5 weeks for me with Kynan.

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    Jul 2005

    Hi there

    I started to vomit from 2 days in (I know very early 8-[ ) I thought I had food poisoning but I just knew it wasn't.....

    It lasted for 16weeks but then again I'm not so sure that is the norm....


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    Lee-Ann Guest

    I would have been about 6 weeks pg with this bub when I got my first bit of nausea.

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    Fruitwood Guest

    Hi, I felt really, really good until I was 6 weeks and since then I've had non stop morning sickness. My dr thought I'd be better by now and this morning finally prescribed Maxilon as I'm not gaining any weight. My morning sickness has been so bad that i've had to give up work and spent most of the first 3 months in bed. I have 3 good friends all pregnant and out of the 4 of us I was the only one to get morning sickness. Just my luck, lol.

    Fingers crossed that you don't develop it as bad as me.


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    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    for me it was when i was 4 1/2 weeks - pretty much right on when i found out i was pg. i think it can start straight away though?

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    Melinda Guest

    Sharon - my morning sickness lasted until 23w!!! It's not nice. It wasn't as bad as what you've been suffering though. You poor thing!

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    Feb 2005
    Happy Valley, Adelaide

    I had a night at 3 1/2 weeks (10 DPO) when I felt sick all night and that's when I knew I was preg... tested with an early kit the next day and bingo! My m/s went away at exactly 12 weeks...

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    angelique Guest

    I had mild sickness from 4 weeks and then full on every day. It was so awful that I couldn't even open the fridge!! I had to get my DH to make me toast in the morning. Smells just set me off badly.

    I think I am starting to get better now - but I dont want to speak too soon!!

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    Oct 2004
    Back in Brisvegas :)

    M/S kicked in with a vengence at 6wks2days and left the building sometime between wks 16-18 aside from the occasional power spew. I quit work and left at 16wks pregnant as I could handle the constant throwing up all day whilst trying to work.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    My m/s was immediate on conceiving and lasted until I was 16 weeks

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    Feb 2005

    I had it from almost bang on the dot of six weeks (got my first taste of it the morning I had my six week ultrasound). Then it went pretty much constantly until 13 weeks. I've had a couple of episodes of feeling nauseous since but this seems to occur mainly when I am tired which happens a lot lately.

    Like someone else said, the smells were the worst. Everything I was using then (soap, deodorant, shampoo) I've had to swap because the smell of it just reminds me of feeling sick. Ha!

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    Lee33 Guest

    I started experiencing m/s at 7 weeks. Im 14 weeks now, and Im pretty sure im over the 'feeling sickly' stage. Apart from occasional headaches, Im feeling pretty good.

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    Fruitwood Guest

    I used to really like the smell of Lavender until i devloped morning sickness. Our toilet deodoriser is Lavender ( you know the ones that hang on the inside of the bowl) Now when ever I smell Lavender I start to feel sick as all I can think about is what the inside of our toilet looks like, lol.


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