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    I have been pregnant twice already(this being a possible third). When I was 2 and a half weeks pregnant with my first (way before I found out that I was actually pregnant) I was in the shower cleaning myself and when I scooped the inside of my vagina so as to clean it without the use of a douche, I noticed this really strange looking yellowish stringy stretchy mucus accompanied with the milky white creamy cm. Of course I totally freaked out and thought that I had an std but when I got tested for it I came out clean. A month later(still not realizing that I was pregnant) I called my mom onto which my baby sister (who was 4 at the time) wanted to talk to me. She told me that I was pregnant. That day, I bought a home pregnancy test and it came back positive. My confusion is this. Right now, I am approximately 2-2 and a half weeks pregnant (if I am pregnant) and I am experiencing the same yellowish stringy stretchy mucus accompanied with the milky white creamy cm (No odor, no pain, nothing..) as I had with my first... But I am still confused as to if I am pregnant or not since my next period date is next week... So, my questions are: Is it normal for certain women to experience this so early in the pregnancy?.... If so, does this mean that I could be pregnant?.... And if not, what could it be?....

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    If there is no odour to it other then a normal smell I would consider it normal.
    Have you had sex recently? I only ask because the times I've had something a bit different has usually been after having sex. Maybe it was ? Some form of left overs.
    Maybe that's a normal pregnancy sign for you and when you test in a week you will be pregnant. I know for me my first sign is the runs which lasts for weeks. That's what has given it away for me with my last 2 pregnancies anyway.

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    I actually have sex everyday lol... But I have never experienced this after sex.... I also had sex quite a lot while I was ovulating... Thing is, my roommate and I are trying for a baby.... And I just don't want this to turn out to be a false pregnancy... So, I just want to make sure as to what this is

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    No way to tell really. My sister always got a pimple on her back when she conceived, but other than waiting a few more days so you can test there is no way of knowing.

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