thread: Pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester #2

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    Pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester #2

    This thread is for members to discuss what symptoms of pregnancy they experienced during the first trimester.

    For general, pregnancy related questions and chatter, you can join with other mums due around the same time as you in our Belly Buddy threads.

    Pregnancy symptoms can vary greatly, from having almost no symptoms at all to the worse end of the scale, being hospitalised for severe morning sickness.

    For more information on Early Pregnancy Symptoms, read the BellyBelly article HERE or to read about Common Pregnancy Ailments and Side Effects, click HERE.

    What symptoms did you experience? If you have any different than what is listed below feel free to share them.

    Light Headed
    Sore/Tender/Fuller Boobs
    Nausea/Morning Sickness
    No Period
    Bright yellow urine
    Increased trips to toilet to pee
    Low blood pressure
    Drinking lots
    Sensitive to smell
    Excessive Saliva
    Metallic taste in mouth
    Stuffy/Blocked nose
    Eating alot but still feeling hungry
    Period type cramping
    Sore and dry eyes
    Hot Flushes
    Mood Swings
    Cramped Legs
    Slight Spotting
    Dry Throat
    Increased CM
    Easily Aggitated
    Bleeding Gums
    Sore Throat
    Loss of appetite
    Dry Skin
    Crying at drop of a hat
    Pins and Needles
    Back Ache
    Runny Nose

    Old thread here.

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    Wow. I didn't know a dry throat was a symptom. I thought it was just me! Hahaha. Why does that happen?

    I'm looking over these pregnancy symptoms too. I hope I don't become a hypochondriac!
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    Re: Pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester #2


    I have been having bad lower tummy pains like period pain accompanied with lower back pain. I am only 4 weeks and 2 days along, so its still early days. has anyone else been getting these pains?

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    Re: Pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester #2

    Ruby Quick.... dry mouth has just set in for me at 5wks and it is driving me batty! How long did you have it for?

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    Re: Pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester #2

    Hi. I am new to this. But im trying to find answers to wether i experienced implantation bleeding or if it was my period. I usually have a long cycle between 38-40 days. My last normal period arrived on 3/8 /15 and lasted the normal 5 days. I dont tracks my ovulation dates but have counted days on the calendar and worked out i should have ovulated the around the 29/08/15. I also didnt keep track the days we had intercourse throughout this period. So.. i was supposed to gety last period on the 10/09/15 which i only haf light, brown spotting which hardly would make a liner throughout the whole day. This lasted for 9 days, longer than my normal period. I took a HPT on the 24/09/15 and it showed negative. I have been getting some early pregnancy signs but not enough to tell. Its is now 18/10/15 anfy period is due tomorrow. Has anyone had anything similar?