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    Default Sore Breasts

    I have sore and tender bbs (I am 6 weeks pg) and am wondering if this will continue or settle down eventually!

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    Well, do you want the bad news??
    They might settle down a bit, but the nipples can get really sensitive for alot of people. The boobies become more and more important as the pregnancy gets on, so it all just gets yuck. I was leaking colostrum from about 24 weeks - gross. From memory I think my bb's were sore the whole way through. Preparation for breastfeeding I guess. I had a blocked milk duct today, which was seriously ouchy!!

    You could be a lucky one though, and have no problems at all! Congrats on your pregnancy! Hoping its happy and healthy.


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    Rexee my boobs are usually sore until the 1st trimester is over, so it's hard to tell.

    Congrats on your PG hope all goes well, you should join us in the June Belly Buddies we're all going thru similar experiences as you

    Good Luck.

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    ms_fluffy Guest


    hi there

    Mine were REALLY sore in the 1st trimester...they settled down a bit after 12 weeks, but then started to grow again. I still get aches now (5 months), but it's not everyday.

    I had to buy a new bra in the 1st trimester (just up a cup size, eg 10D to 10DD) and then in the 2nd trimester, went 12D, and am now also wearing 12DD. Fortunately, they seem to be sufficient...I've already spent >$200 on bras that I'll only wear for another 4 months!

    I'd recommend getting a new bra ASAP to ease the pain.

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    Also a side note about bras... they recommend that you don't wear underwire bras during your pregnancy, as the wire can interefere with the development of your milk ducts... and it also may make it more uncomfortable for your already tender bb's?

    I hope it settles down for you soon!

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    I DETEST my pregnancy boobs, but the one good thing is that after about 14 weeks Ive had no pain whatsoever. They got damn itchy for a while there, but not they're ok, just too big!! xo

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