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Thread: Symptoms during TWW

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    Default Symptoms during TWW

    I know there is a thread on pregnancy symptoms during the first trimester BUT can you recall any symptoms you felt during the dreaded 2 week wait? Those TTC analyse everything during this time so would be interested in what you felt when pg but before you knew it in the TWW (if you felt anything at all).
    So, did you have any TWW symptoms that you can share?

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    Hi bethany,

    my symptoms were sore boobs, really really tired, heaps of saliva (had to keep swallowing all the time) heartburn and AF cramping at 6DPO (which would have been implantation!

    Good luck - hope you get your BFP really soon!!

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    Nausea 3 days before AF due, pimples/oily skin 2 days before, and my boobs actually went up a whole cup size on the overnight the night before AF due (I already knew I was pr then as I used Fortel Ultra early test 2 days before AF due...)

    I know exactly what you mean about over-analysing... I was a shocker, and as I fell pr our first time trying my dh thought I was being ridiculous until I got that BFP!!! \/

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    I had nausea and sore boobs. Then the nausea went away and I figured I was imagining things

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    thanks for those symptoms they are encouraging!!!!! I had AF cramps just after DPO dee...fingers crossed for me this month and you bethany

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